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For more information contact Amy Smith, Recruitment Director at 630-801-3149.

When it comes to blood donations there are many ways we seek Contributions. One way is obviously through Financial Giving. Gathering, processing and delivering all the required blood products for our health system is expensive work and one that is always a struggle for a non-profit organization like Heartland Blood Centers. We ask interested individuals, organizations or corporations to consider giving to our worthy cause.
A second, equally important kind of Contribution we seek is the giving of one’s own time. Volunteers make up the backbone of our entire organization. Simply said, without this core of selfless individuals our work providing blood to those in need would stop. Won’t you consider giving a little of your time to help your community? Remember all the blood we collect is given back to the communities we serve. Do something nice for others and for yourself. Become a Heartland Blood Centers Volunteer today!


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