Hosting a blood drive helps ensure that local hospitals
can meet the needs of our communities.

Heartland Blood Centers works closely with community organizations, schools, congregations and companies of all sizes to organize and host more than 3,000 blood drives each year. Hosting a blood drive with Heartland Blood Centers is a simple, yet powerful way to give back to your community.

Heartland Blood Centers offers three different options
for those interested in hosting a blood drive:

Indoor Mobile
Blood Drive

You provide the space, such as a conference room or gymnasium, that has ample lighting, electrical outlets, restrooms, furniture and other provisions. We send our medical professionals to meet your blood drive volunteer team and donors on-site. A minimum of 25 donors required.

Mobile Coach
Blood Drive

You provide an outdoor parking location for one of our mobile blood donor coaches, along with some indoor space for activities such as registration. On the day of your blood drive, our Heartland Blood Centers mobile coach and medical professionals arrive on-site, ready for action.

Blood Center
Co-Sponsored Drive

You work with a Heartland Blood Centers Account Representative to select one of our blood donation centers near you. Our team of medical professionals will be ready to welcome your group’s members or your company’s employees for donations.

After determining what kind of blood drive you would like
to host, follow these
9 easy steps

Heartland Blood Centers Account Representatives are here to help. They can help you organize and host a successful blood drive event.

If you have a question we have not addressed, feel free to call us at

Step 1: Sign up to Host A Drive
A Heartland Blood Center Account Representative can help you organize and host a successful blood drive event. The first step is to fill out our “Host a Blood Drive” registration form. Click Here 
Step 2: Schedule a Date & Time for your Drive
Work with your Account Representative to schedule a convenient date & time for your blood drive. Select and reserve an appropriate space and establish your blood drive collection goal.
Step 3: Plan Your Blood Drive
Meet with your Account Representative to determine the strategy and tactics to ensure a successful blood drive.
Step 4: Organize Your Blood Drive Team
Organize a team of volunteers who will be responsible for helping you determine effective strategies for recruiting donors and creating awareness of the blood drive. Your blood drive team will also prepare the drive site and recruit volunteers to assist on the day of the drive.
Step 5: Publicize the Drive
Use your organization’s internal distribution channels to spread the word about your blood drive. Share marketing materials (provided by Heartland Blood Centers) with potential donors to make sure they know about your upcoming event.
Step 6: Recruit and Schedule Donors
Work with your blood drive volunteer team to recruit and schedule donors. Top-down support within your organization is critical. One-on-one invitations to give blood are also key to hosting a successful blood drive. Keep Account Representative updated on your recruiting success.
Step 7: Hold the Drive
Supply volunteers the day of the blood drive to assist with setup, greeting donors, answering questions, serving post-donation refreshments and creating an excellent donor experience.
Step 8: Give Recognition
Recognize your donors and the members of your volunteer blood drive team. Find creative ways to thank them for being part of a successful blood drive.
Step 9: Evaluate and Schedule Next Blood Drive
Conduct a post-drive evaluation to determine what helped make your event a success and what you might do differently next time. Then, look at your calendar and schedule your next drive.

Heartland Blood Centers staff members are available to help make your blood drive a success.

We provide partnership and support. We can help your blood drive volunteer team manage logistics, spread the word, recruit donors, and host the event. Heartland Blood Centers works with groups to identify the best type of drive for your group, whether it’s an on-site blood donation event or a blood center co-sponsored event.