Blood Types:

   + O Negative

   + O Positive

   + A Negative

   + A Positive

   + B Negative

   + B Positive

   + AB Negative

   + AB Positive

Type AB Negative Blood

Yours is the rarest blood type of them all. You are among only one percent of the population that has this blood type. Although your blood type is rare, its lifesaving potential is not because AB Negative donor plasma and platelets can be used in any patient, regardless of that person’s blood type. No other type of blood donor holds this dual power, making your blood donation exceptionally valuable.

Facts About This Type:

Percent of the Population with Your Blood Type







(less than .5%)

Blood Types You Can Receive:

AB-, A-, B-, O-

Who Can Receive Your Red Cells:

AB-, AB+

Who Can Receive Your Plasma:


Who Can Receive Your Platelets:


Ideal Donation For This Type

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