Blood Types:

   + O Negative

   + O Positive

   + A Negative

   + A Positive

   + B Negative

   + B Positive

   + AB Negative

   + AB Positive

Type O Positive Blood

In addition to being the most common blood type, O positive red blood cells can be transfused to nearly all patients. While 39% of the population has O Positive blood, these donations can be transfused to over 80% of the population. In emergency situations, O positive blood is often used to conserve the supply of rare O negative blood.

Facts About This Type:

Percent of the Population with Your Blood Type







Blood Types You Can Receive:

O+, O-

Who Can Receive Your Red Cells:

O+, A+, B+, AB+

Who Can Receive Your Plasma:

O+, O-

Who Can Receive Your Platelets:


Ideal Donation For This Type

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