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We like to give you even more good reasons to donate blood at Heartland Blood Centers.



1.   Question:  Do I need to re-register through your donor portal even if I had previously been signed in online with you?

Answer:  Yes.  We have expanded our online donor portal to include appointment scheduling and our online reward redemption, but you can now see your complete donation history, points history, access our donor survey, etc., all through the donor portal.  Because this is a new program, we will need you to re-register to gain access to all these features.  You will need your Donor ID number and will now enter “DN” for donor number prior to entering your complete 8 digit identification number.

2.   Question:  I forgot my USER NAME and PASSWORD.  How do I find it so that I can sign into the donor portal? 

Answer:  When clicking on the Warm Hearts Club icon on our home page to access the donor portal, you will see a button labeled Forgot your User Name or Password? at the donor login page.  Click that button and follow the steps to have your username or password sent to your email.

3.   Question:  How do I find out what my Donor Identification Number is? 

Answer:  After your first donation with Heartland Blood Centers you will receive a donor id card with your ID number printed on it.  If you have misplaced your card you can order another on your next visit.  In the meantime, you can call our Club Rewards Help Desk at (630)301-6183 and we can get your ID number for you.  You can also ask our call center staff when we contact you to schedule your next donation appointment or you can ask our center staff when visiting us to make your next blood donation.. 

4.   Question: I used to be a member of the Four Seasons Club or LifeSavers Platelet Club.  Do these Clubs still exist?

Answer:  Both of these clubs closed on November 30, 2012.  The website was “closed for construction” in December while we put our new club, Warm Hearts Club, in production. The Warm Hearts Club now combines both the Four Seasons Club and the LifeSavers Platelet Club into one and offers even more opportunities for our donors to earn online rewards!

5.   Question: I give blood through your automated apheresis program.  Sometimes I give double red cells, and I have even given platelets and/or plasma in the past.  In your new Warm Hearts Club, will I get points based on my procedure and as well as on how many times I donate with you? 

Answer:  Yes!  For the first time, our program gives you points based on both products collected and frequency of your visits! Every time you donate blood with Heartland Blood Centers, you will first earn points based on the procedure (whole blood, double red cells, single platelet, double platelet, plasma, etc).  Points vary based on products collected and takes into consideration how often you are able to donate those products!  If you want to earn the highest rewards possible, become an apheresis blood donor and donate at one of Heartland’s center locations.  For more information about automated collections, click on the EDUCATION tab on our home page, and select PROGRAMS from the drop down list.  In addition to procedure points, your account will be credited additional bonus points based on how often you donate blood with us during the calendar year.  For complete bonus point overview, click here.

6.   Question:  I am not computer savvy and I don’t have access to a computer to place my store reward orders. How do I go about finding out my point history and/or redeeming store rewards?

Answer:  We are here to help you!  If you donate blood at one of our 14 center locations, our staff can help you when you call or visit.  Also, our call center staff can help you when we contact you to schedule your next donation appointment.  Don’t want to wait; call our Club Rewards Help Desk at (630)301-6183 and we will answer your questions and place your order for you!

7.   Question:  Will my Warm Hearts Club online store reward points ever expire?

Answer:  No, not as long as you keep donating blood with us – your points will continue to accrue until you wish to redeem them.  However, if you go 15 months or longer without donating blood with us, your points will expire.  So make donating blood regularly one of your goals each year!


Program rules and store items are subject to change without notice. Actual items may vary depending on availability.  All rewards are nontransferable, nonrefundable, and cannot be redeemed for cash value.  Bring a Friend Points will be updated within 14 days of donation and are subject to meeting above criteria.  All other points will be updated within 5 business days of donation.  Donations are counted within calendar year.  Points expire after 15 months of non-donation activity.  All points are based on successful donations. Points do not accrue for deferrals.

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